17 – 29 JANUARY 2022


Mon 17 – Sat 22 Jan 7.30pm

Full $25 I Concession $20



“I like this place. It scares me as well. Weird energy.”

A small group of characters traverse a park, accosted by both the fantastical and the earthly. What terrors are brutally real, and what are imagined? And how do they deal with the consequences of their journeys as narrative threads reveal themselves to be increasingly intertwined?

In our collective psyches, parks are places of fun and relaxation during the day but take on darker, more threatening aspects at night. The benign becomes sinister as the sun goes down.

Etched in magic realism, this new Australian play combines humour and horror to explore themes of social anxiety, physical and psychological violence, and infidelity.

Shortlisted for The Silver Gull Play Award 2020.

World premiere, produced by New Theatre

Director Jess Davis
Set & Vision Designer Verica Nikolic
Lighting Designer Mehran Mortezaei
Sound Designer Samantha Cheng
Set Construction Tom Bannerman

Michela Carattini, Ben Dewstow,
Shanti Goupil-Gilderson,
Priyanka Karunanithi, Mym Kwa, Simon Lee, Tahlia Merlino,
Orlando Norman, Madeleine Osborne

Image: © Shchus/Shutterstock

Mon 24 – Fri 28 Jan 7:30pm
Sat 29 Jan 2pm

Full $25 I Concession $20



“I know how you feel about praline, but not your son.”

In the small regional NSW town of Dorewick, Toni and Jane have set up a support group for mothers who’ve lost children to suicide. They meet weekly above the local pub, to share their experiences and a rotating selection of chocolate.

But numbers are falling, and Toni has resorted to subterfuge to boost membership: she’s started promoting the group as a social meet-up for childless women over thirty. When prospective new member Eliza arrives, hoping for fun outings, she soon finds herself trapped in a lie, inventing a dead daughter to fit in. However, the truth comes out, and the group implodes in a storm of resentment and recriminations.

It takes a freak accident for the women to band together to overcome their differences and find the purpose and friendship they’ve sought all along.

This warm, moving, gently funny new Australian play balances darkness and truth to present a profoundly honest portrayal of community and healing. 

World premiere, produced by New Theatre

Director Emma Whitehead
Composer Sally Whitwall
Set Designer Verica Nikolic
Lighting Designer Mehran Mortezaei
Sound Designers Jezz Chen, Nefarius
Props and Set Dressing Sangeeta Tandon
Set Construction Tom Bannerman
Stage Manager Marica Fumanti

Amy Victoria Brooks, Susan Jordan, Atharv Kolhatkar,
Heather Pitt, Annette van Roden

Image: © Malyutin Nikita/Shutterstock

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