by Samuel Adamson

“The truth is we have to give up parts of ourselves if we want to be with someone.”

A love-letter to the power of theatre, and a decade-hopping investigation into marriage, queerness and gender.

Daisy is at a crossroads. Her moral compass tells her to go one way, society the other. What she chooses to do next will have consequences not just for her and her husband, but for four couples over the next ninety years.

With Ibsen’s classic drama of marital discord, A Doll’s House, as its unifying device, the play ranges across the fifties, the eighties, the present and the future.

We meet intertwined characters, gay and straight, over generations, all invested in some way with the concept of ‘wife’, Ibsen’s rebellious Nora being the benchmark against which they judge themselves.

“Challenging and thought-provoking, brimming with pathos, politics and laugh-out-loud moments” Diva Magazine

Director Darrin Redgate
Assistant Director Caroline George
Set Design David Marshall-Martin
Lighting Design Jay Murrin
Sound Design Matthew Forbes
Costume Design Aibhlinn Stokes & Burley Stokes
Dialect Coach Benjamin Purser

8 Oct – 2 Nov 2024

Rehearsals will commence Sun 25 Aug with a combination of weekend days & week evenings. Exact times and dates tbc, subject to cast availability.

Sat 27 Jul: 10.30am to 5pm
Sun 28 Jul: 10.30am to 3pm

Call-back time/date tbc

ROLES AVAILABLE (actors to play multiple roles)
Daisy/Clare: Female Early to mid-20’s, English accents. Daisy is stuck in a loveless marriage in the 1950s but is having a secret affair with Suzannah who is the only person that she feels herself around. Constrained by the times in which she lives, Daisy longs for more than her life allows. Claire is a confident and direct and the dominant person in her relationship with Finn.  She has charm but carries pain around with her. in search of more information about her deceased father.

Suzannah: Female mid to late 20s, English and Norwegian accents. A queer actress with a lot of sexual energy that hides a loneliness deep within. Comes across as confident and knowing what she wants but it is always out of reach.  Note: The three different Suzannahs (1950s, 1980s, 2040’s) are played by the same actor.

Robert/Ivar (at 28)/Finn: Male mid-late 20s. English accents. Robert is the domineering husband of Daisy in the 1950s. He is traditional, close minded and abusive. Ivar (at 28) is the unwanted gay son of Daisy in the 1980s, he is out, loud and proud in a society that is not yet ready and is damaged by the lack of love shown to him by his mother. Pushes for equality and acceptance through protest. Finn is the straight partner of Clare, he is friendly, opening minded and conversational while being the passive partner in his relationship.

Peter/Ivar at 58/Landlord: Male late 50s, English accents.  Peter is an old English actor, protector and in love with his co-star Suzannah. Ivar at 58 has lost his spark since his 20s, has settled for a less-than-ideal relationship, has worn himself out through life and lives with regret making the most of the world he currently inhabits. Landlord, a small part, the homophobic bar owner uncomfortable with gay clientele in his establishment.

Eric/Cas: Male early to mid-20s, English accents. Eric is Ivar’s boyfriend in the 1980s, not yet comfortable with his sexuality while still being very sexually attracted to Ivar. Prefers to keep things behind closed doors and is not ready to be out and proud. Cas is the younger partner of Ivar at 58, is not gender conformist and is currently starring as Nora in a modern-day production of A Dolls House, they are witty, comfortable in their skin, forthright and oblivious to the pain his partner feels.

Actress/Assistant/Marjorie: Female any age from 50 and above. Small roles used for comedic interludes through the play. Majorie is protective and has an acid tongue and may be secretly in love with Suzannah.

We very much encourage and welcome submissions from people who identify as First Nations, PoC, CaLD, queer and/or gender diverse.

It is essential to read the script BEFORE applying. There is a perusal copy of the script available for viewing here.

Email your EOI to with AUDITION in the subject line.

In your email, please:

  • Include an up-to-date headshot and CV.
  • Indicate if you are currently a New Theatre member.
  • Indicate your preferred audition date/time.
  • Indicate if you are unable to audition in person – submission of self-tape can be arranged.
  • Indicate your rehearsal availability (days and/or evenings).

From the script:

Daisy/Clare:  PP 23-24 from “He can wait”  to “He loves you, you know”  and PP 76-78 from “Who actually are you” to “…tiny kennel like a dog”

Suzannah: PP 25-27 from “No one ever encouraged me” to “I never want to see that man again” and PP 49-51 from “Do you have any cocaine” to “….pay the motherfucking tax”

Robert/Ivar at 28/Finn: PP 55-56 from “The landlord” to “Youre in Narnia”

Peter/Ivar at 58/Landlord: PP 85-86 from “What you don’t realise” to “I’ve never known”

Eric / Cas: PP 55-56 from “The landlord” to “respect me please” and PP 70-71 from “Great to meet you” to “…gender are non binary”

Actress/Assistant/Marjorie PP 92 from “Apparently it can make it” to “they’re mental defectives”

New Theatre an amateur theatre company and a volunteer-based organisation – there is no for payment for this production.

If cast, you will be required to wash your own costumes and assist with production bump out.

Darrin Redgate is an actor and director who has run his own theatre company since 1993, producing theatre in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Boyslikeme Productions has primarily focused on bringing queer stories to the stage, his first production was Barry Lowe’s camp farce Seeing Things at the now defunct Edge Theatre in Newtown with his most recent being Cock by Mike Bartlett at Flightpath Theatre in May this year. In between there have been twelve other full productions and five rehearsed readings with several award nominations along the way. Darrin’s Director credits include: Retro Me (1997 Sydney), Seeing Things (2006 Sydney), Love Valour Compassion (2014 Melbourne), Still At Risk (2019 Sydney), Next Fall  (2021 Adelaide), An Unseasonable Fall of Snow (2022 Adelaide), Cock (2022 Adelaide) and Cock (2024 Sydney).

Main image: ©© Eric Isselee/Shutterstock