by john hodge


“It’s man verses monster. And the monster always wins.” 

Moscow 1938. Not the best place to have a sense of humour, let alone a yearning for freedom.

So when prominent Russian writer, Mikhail Bulgakov, living among dissidents and hounded by the secret police, is given a surprise commission to pen a biographical drama about Joseph Stalin to celebrate his 60th birthday, he soon discovers there is a high price to pay.

In real life, Bulgakov’s work was regularly banned, but his play The White Guard was one of Stalin’s personal favourites. Inspired by this historical fact, Collaborators plunges into the frenzied imagination of the writer as he loses himself in a bizarre and disturbingly funny ‘role-reversal’ relationship with the dictator of the Soviet Union. 

As the surreal fantasy plays out as a relentless psychological game of cat-and-mouse, the compromises and humiliations inflicted on artists by those in power are thrown into sharp relief.

This clever satire is a pointed look at the role and value of the artist in a totalitarian society.

Winner: 2012 Olivier Award for Best New Play

“Daring in its comedy, original and hugely entertaining” The Independent on Sunday

Director Moira Blumenthal

4 June – 6 July 2019

28 April – 30 May
Monday – Thursday 6pm – 10pm
Sundays 2pm – 6 pm
(Subject to change)
Saturday 9 March 2pm – 4pm (general call for reading of all roles)
Sunday 10 March 11am – 1pm (second general call for reading of all roles)
Callbacks Saturday 16 March 2pm – 4pm
Seeking male and female actors, 45 – 55.

It is essential that you read the script before submitting an Expression of Interest.

To request a copy of the script, please contact

To book an audition, email your EOI to with AUDITION in the subject line

Please include:
• an up-to-date headshot and cv
• state if you are currently a New Theatre member

The auditions will be an open reading, so you will need to have read and be familiar with the play.

New Theatre is a volunteer-based organisation and there is no payment for this production.
Moira Blumenthal has directed and produced mainstream theatre internationally since 1988, including productions of Amadeus, Into the Woods, Two Weeks with the Queen, Collected Stories, SinkTight, Bombshells, A Woman in Black and others.

Between 2003 and 2009 Moira held the post of Programming Consultant at the Seymour Theatre Centre, Sydney University.

She has spearheaded Jewish theatre productions in both South Africa and Sydney including Via Dolorosa, From Door to Door, Address Unknown, The Chosen, Coming to See Aunt Sophie, My Name is Asher Lev, You Will not play Wagner and The Man in the Attic. 

Moira completed a Master of Arts in Cultural and Creative Practice from the University of Western Sydney in 2014