What the critics say:

“Lots of laughs … Extraordinarily precise and delicious scenes of comedy that ensure entertainment value … A fun show that asks questions about our values” Suzy Goes See

“A  finely crafted confluence of script, direction, performance and design … Clever, entertaining, energetic and engaging” Australian Stage

“A deliciously biting comedy … Fierce and fantastic … A strong and sassy production where all the elements come together seamlessly” Theatre Now

“If you are a lover of rapid fire witticisms, frequent bon mots or bitchily wry observations you are in for a treat … A delicious entertainment” Sydney Arts Guide

“A very entertaining production, one not to miss” The Buzz From Sydney

“A sweet/bitter pill and wickedly clever … Recommended” Kevin Jackson’s Theatre Diary

“A tale of emotional rollercoasters and razor-sharp, barbed satire … Absolutely scintillating theatre” Oz Baby Boomers

“Alice Livingstone’s production is great fun and her cast plays the humour beautifully. Sarah Aubrey as the cynical agent is terrific. Brett Rogers and Charles Upton play the two lovers with real charm. Madeline Beukers creates a lovable, laughable, lost soul”  Theatre Red

“The production is heartfelt and doesn’t shy away from the harsher realities … A fabulously fun night … It packs a punch and you’ll have a ball” Upstaged Reviews

“A classy offering for this year’s Mardi Gras festival … Sharp, witty writing … A confident, well cast production” SX News


SX News:

Photos © Cec Busby courtesy SX