What the critics say:

“A confronting look at sex and youth … This production is well worth seeing … It raises important questions whilst also having a wonderful element of humour and familiarity”  Broadway World

“Ably directed by Johann Walraven, in two excellent set designs by Renee Halse, lit brashly and strikingly by Liam O’Keefe, in a cacophony of noisy, disconcertingly jangling music (sound design, also Walraven). The company of young actors in the classroom, give robust performances of a ‘frightening’, knowingly manipulative reality. There is bravery in the principal performances worth noting. Consensual is provocative and adult theatre, worth seeing. This was written with young adults in mind, take them. They should see it”  Kevin Jackson

“Tackles issues of sexual consent, ethics and power in unapologetic in-your-face style”  Jason Blake, SMH

“This production is lively, satisfying theatre, thanks to a tug-of-morals script and the competent young cast”  Stage Whispers

“A keenly observed, cleverly constructed and penetrating piece of emotive, thought provoking theatre that pendulum swings our notions of guilt and innocence, victim and perpetrator … confronting and compelling”  Australian Stage

“The ‘he said/she said’ nature of the drama keeps the audience guessing until the end … A heart-breaking account that leaves us feeling at the end more than a little sad for everyone involved”  The Buzz From Sydney

“The play is sharply written, funny and moving … The production is top quality … The cast are eminently watchable, making challenging characters come alive”  Theatre Red